Apples have been cultivated for thousands of years. It is a highly popular fruit that comes in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, flavors, and textures. Sweet to sour flavors are available, as is a soft, almost mushy texture to a highly crisp texture. Apples are high in vitamin C and fiber. Apples are widely consumed and are also used in salads, pies and other baked items, as well as in applesauce and a variety of other dishes. Apple cider is prepared by pressing the juice from apple pulp and can be consumed straight or used to make apple cider vinegar. Because sweet apple juice ferments, it is frequently filtered and pasteurized prior to sale.

Several kinds include the following:

  • Baldwin is a tender early fall apple that is excellent for baking and sauces. The apple is yellow in color with a striped crimson flush.
  • Braeburn is a crisp, sweet/tart apple that bakes well. It is suitable for all purposes. The apple is yellow in color with a striped crimson flush.
  • Cortland is a tart, sweet apple with a smooth texture that is excellent for pies and baking. It is a deep crimson color.
  • Fireside is a huge sweet apple with a high sugar content that does not bake well.
  • Fuji is a crisp, delicious apple that is ideal for eating. It is a yellow green apple with red accents that matures to be almost entirely crimson.
  • Gala is extremely sweet and crisp, making it ideal for eating. Gala apples range in color from red stripes to solid red.
  • Granny Smith is a tart, crisp green apple that bakes up firm. Excellent for pies and all other uses.
  • Golden Delicious is a sweet honey-flavored apple that is juicy and has a delicate feel. It ranges in color from golden to bright yellow green. It is a versatile apple. When baked, it holds its shape but is delicate.
  • Haralson is a tart, hard apple that is excellent for eating and pie making.
  • Honeycrisp apple is a relatively new variety of apple with a honey flavor and a crisp texture. It is excellent for both eating and baking. The hue is approximately 3/4 crimson on a yellow background.
  • Jonagold apples are tart and sweet and are perfect for eating. It is reddish-yellow in color.
  • Jonathan is a tart, acidic apple that produces an excellent pie.
  • McIntosh is a traditional apple variety that is slightly mealy and crumbles when cooked. The color is a deep crimson with a green tint. It’s excellent for applesauce.
  • Paula Red is a round red apple with a yellow blush. It has a tart flavor and is excellent for pies and snacking.
  • Red Delicious apples are semi-firm and delicious, making them ideal for eating. The skin is somewhat brittle. It is shaped like an apple in the usual manner.
  • Regent is a sweet apple that is excellent for sauce.
  • Rome is a mildly sweet apple with a crisp texture that cooks down slightly when used in baking and pies.


Select apples that have a smooth surface free of bruises and blemishes. Certain varieties of apples are only accessible at certain seasons of the year. Fall is prime time for a bountiful crop of several types.


  • Refrigerate or store apples in a cold place.
  • Refrigerate apple cider once opened. Fresh apple juice should be refrigerated and consumed before the expiration date.


  • A pound of apples contains between three and four apples, depending on their size; one pound equals around three cups diced.


  • A variety of apples were utilized in some of the best pies and crisps. Some retain their shape while baking, while others soften.
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