79th bake. 01/08/2022. Crackers w/ Everything Bagel mix.

79th bake. 01/08/2022. Crackers w/ Everything Bagel mix.

Jan. 8, 2022. 79th bake.

I bought some “Everything Bagel” seasoning mix, and it made me want to make crackers.

I decided to put the seasoning in the cracker dough, not just press it on top.

Recipe is basically seat-of-my-pants.

  • 10 g dry old fashioned rolled oats. 
  • 10 g dry quick oats. (Not instant.) 
  • 10 g ground flax seed. 
  • 5 g dry whole chia seed. 
  • 20 g Sharbati whole wheat flour. 
  • 48 g whole grain durum flour, Sher Brar Fiber Wala, roller milled. 
  • 48 g BRM stone-ground WW. 
  • 45 g whole rye flour. 
  • 7.9 g (1 tbs) Everything Bagel mix. 
  • 135 g water. 
  • Mixed, covered, let rest 20 min. 
  • 6.4 g grapeseed oil, kneaded in.
  • Let rest.

Pre-heated toaster oven to 400 F. 

Rolled out about 2mm thick. Cut into circles.

Baked on pre-heated cast iron griddle in toaster oven @ 400 F, using top and bottom heating elements,  4 minutes per side, 8 minutes total.

Let crackers cool.

Reduced oven  temp to 250 F.

Baked a second time, lower heating element only, 2 minutes per side, 4 minutes total.

The garlic and onion is a bit strong, so I’ll use less next time.



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