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47: #47 Finding the power within with Palestine on a Plate

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In this week’s episode (47) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m talking to Joudie Kalla, also known as Palestine on a Plate, trained chef and home cook, artist, best selling cookbook author and activist. We talk about how her love of food led her to write two best selling books, raise money for charity and shine a light on the beautiful people of Palestine. Here’s what else you can expect from this week’s episode …


  • I share some exciting news about my e-course

  • Joudie introduces herself

  • Joudie shares what living in quarantine has been like and how she’s managed despite her past struggles with anxiety and depression

  • Joudie talks about finding her purpose whilst in quarantine

  • We explore why speaking about mental health struggles is so important

  • We discuss highlight reels versus reality and why the latter can be much more powerful

  • Joudie shares how she discovered her love of food and embarked on a career as a chef

  • Joudie openly talks about what a healing experience cooking has been for her

  • Joudie outlines why she decided to open a Palestinian deli in London

  • Joudie speaks about why sharing Palestinian food has been such a powerful experience

  • Joudie shares the struggles she experienced which eventually led to her cookbook deal

  • Joudie talks about how her cookbook became a best-seller

  • Joudie explains where she found inspiration to write her second cookbook, Baladi

  • Joudie discussed why she decided to call her first book Palestine on a Plate

  • Joudie notes how she deals with trolls

  • She shares what her hopes and dreams are for the future



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