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10: Open Book Finances: Part 2 w/ Mei Mei

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On March 9th, Chef Irene Li, owner of Mei Mei Restaurant in Boston, opened their finances to the public at an event called Open Book Open House. The purpose? To get people having more open and honest conversations around restaurants and money. But just a week after the Open Book Open House, restaurant dining rooms closed due to COVID and all of a sudden restaurant finances were on everybody’s mind.  

Thank you all so much for listening to our second season! We really appreciate each one of you. If you have any thoughts about season 3, send them our way

We’re also very grateful for Pared, our season 2 sponsor. Sign up to be a member now and join the community of other foodservice workers. 

Help the restaurants and organizations featured in our second season: 

Kin Restaurant in Boise, Idaho – support them by ordering delivery

Otoño in Highland Park, Los Angeles – support them by visiting their location they’ve converted into a Spanish market. They also have gift cards and an employee relief fund.

Homeroom in Oakland, California – They are still open for take-out and delivery and they also have an employee fund.

Opening Soon Podcast and Tilit in New York City – Opening Soon has done a great job covering talking to restaurant folks about how they’re affected by COVID. Tilit is also selling masks with a buy-one-give one policy. If you buy one through them, they’ll donate one to a food service employee volunteering or a medical professional.

Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement in Emeryville, California – Fernay and team are doing Saturday and Sunday orders right now and they also have a relief fund

Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon – Le Pigeon is currently doing a cellar sale for bottles of wine. Plus they have other merch and gift cards for sale. 

One Fair Wage – One Fair Wage has set up a relief fund for foodservice workers in need. You can donate to the fund or volunteer to help call applicants. 

Giving Kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia – They are still helping foodservice workers in financial crisis so you can donate to that. They also have a COVID-19 resource page.  

Mei Mei in Boston, Massachusetts – They are still doing bulk orders, virtual dumpling classes, and selling gift cards

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